The Wake And Bake Boys are back with another hilarious podcast totally about nothing at all we tried sticking to the docket but that didn't work this was 2 hours of jokes and a few current event discussions tune in you don't wanna miss this oh yea this features Disrespectful Ty 


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The Wake And Bake Klub pulls up on up and coming rochester ny group Oowee bananaz and Sleazy Savage to discus their up and coming projects singles throwback music and more plus their thoughts on current events as well as their timeline on how they got started in music and what linked them together and made them start a group tune in you don't want to miss this episode 


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The wake and bake boys are back with another dope episode todays show features bow wow former security guard disrespectful ty lol this was a hilarious show the guys touched bases on the travis Scott and Kylie rumors, Shaq vs dame round 1, Ludacris vs Nelly, oh yea and how could we forget about the rabbit challenge lol you don't wanna miss this tune in 


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The wake and bake boys are back with another dope convo with a fire group by the name of Faustr Home they are two dope artist who linked up during a open mic show man their story was dope and this show was funny as hell you don't want to miss this one tune in 


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after taking a break due to personal reason the wake and bake boys are back with a hilarious show featuring Rochester Ny Producer DubBeatz he kicks it with the gang to discuss his new album The Dub Tape which is available on all streaming platforms we also talked about some current events going on around the culture tune


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So the wake and bake gang originally pulled upon comedian/film director uncle Trent to discuss a new project they have in the works together info coming soon lol so the guys decided to press the record button and ended up with a episode about a whole bunch of nothing this episode might be one of the craziest of all time uncle Trent did also talk about his catering business as well roll your blunts and tune in and don't forget to follow all the host and guest for previous shows and hit us up with your comments and favorite episodes @H2nice will make sure he hit's everyone back lol 


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The wake n bake boys are back this week with another fire interview with battle rapper Stori St James he gives his fans a timeline on how he got into the music and how it was growing up and being introduced to rap music at a late age and how he was able to convert over to a battle rapper we even had a funny ludacris debate this episode is hilarious don't miss out roll your blunts and tune in 

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Fresh off the highly anticipated rap battle event "Dirt Or Die x Onsite Presents SummerTime ShootOut 3" the wake n bake boys sit down with Norbes And Jaz The Rapper to discuss the event and to get his thoughts on the artist in the upstate rochester ny area this episode starts off nice and then these guys start getting crazy this interview was all over the place very funny episode you don't want to miss tune in 

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The wake n bake boys have reached the 50th episode and we want to start out by thanking all the fans thats been rocking with the gang since episode 1 we thank you and love you all and we had a special guest who allowed us to pull up on him and chop it up we had Chris GoodKnews a well know photographer he tells us his story on how he got started and also he gives us a update on the new film he's working on called "Rent A Ride" coming soon this was a dope interview roll up and tune in 


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The wake n bake Boyz are back with another dope episode this week they pull up on PJ founder of Roc City Cannabis he gives us a break down on how he got into the cannabis/CBD business and the difference between the two we had a lot of dope stoner stories that were shared on the show we had a great time and also learned a lot about the cannabis industry this is a great episode for us stoners tune in


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